Here is what the experts say about what is best, a 110v or 220v hot tub?

110v HOT TUB or SPA

Ease of connect ability and less expensive spa electrical installation costs. Reasonable usage in cold climates. Up to 50% less water consumption.  Less hot tub chemicals.

220v HOT TUB or SPA

Enables virtually unlimited use on cold days. Great for parties or family entertainment. Relatively fast temperature increase on demand.

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PLUG 'n SOAK™ hot tub

2 person, 3 person and 4 person hot tub spas are a perfect size for many. A small portable outdoor or indoor spa hot tub does not have the high monthly energy bill of a larger hot tub. 

Soak instantly in these garden spas without an expensive 220V electrical installation fee.  Buy today, soak tonight with Carefree Spas Plug 'n Soak spa hot tubs. PLUG 'N SOAK Hot tubs are used in small spaces such as condo or townhouse living or a variety of indoor applications.

Let the stress melt away in your plug 'n soak hot tub spa often a two person or three person spa.  These tubs are an ergonomic dream.  Let this in-home hydrotherapy spa help your blood circulate.  Improve your arthritis and fibromyalgia.  At Carefree Spas...our business is your relaxation.

Find a cheap Plug 'n Soak hot tub spa for 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons.  Plug 'n Soak hot tubs are also an excellent size for intimate couples, small families and small spaces.

3 to 4 person hot tub




Create your backyard escape with a PLUG'N SOAK spa from Carefree Spas.  The real benefit of the PLUG'N SOAK range of spa models is the ability to custom design a soaking paradise suited to individual lifestyle, hydrotherapy and seating requirements.


With low cost of operation these energy efficient models exceed the California Energy Commission standards. These hot tubs spas offer good comfort and hydrotherapy, some hot tubs have cool off seats.


PLUG'N SOAK hot tubs and spasnow available for cold climates at Carefree Spas. We want to hear about your PLUG'n SOAK experience.

We are looking for the most creative and resourceful ways that Carefree Spas PLUG'n SOAK customers have used these hot tubs in their backyard remodeling projects. Submit before and after photos for a chance to win a $250 Carefree Spas gift card

CAREFREE offers pick up or delivery and maintenance services for your PLUG'n SOAK 
Hot tub.

AN OUTDOOR HOT TUB PARADISE  Easy to install, Carefree's PLUG'N SOAK hot tub models offer seating flexibility to that suits all needs.  Choose from a range of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 person hot tubs, 3 BHP 2 speed pump, stainless steel jets, maintenance free cabinet and LED light.

GO SPAS come with easy care maintenance free cabinets and are packed with exciting innovations and design features. With robust, heavy-duty USA construction and stylish models, these award-winning hot tub spas are ideal for anyone who takes their hydrotherapy seriously on a budget.

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