Certified Pre-Owned Hot Tubs

Carefree Spas has refurbished and installed thousands of pre-owned spas and hot tubs with 100% customer satisfaction. Used hot tubs are certified via a 21-point inspection and a 90 day parts and labor warranty.  Carefree Spas refurbishes and upgrades these hot tubs by adding new parts, such as equipment packs, jet pumps, pump seals, spa jets, ozone, sensors, filters, headrests and knobs. We are different from Craigslist in that we sell each used hot tub with a cover and a warranty.



Heater and Heating Elements
Flow and Pressure Switches
Temperature Sensors
Multi-Day Leak Test
Jet Pumps/Motors
Hot Tub Circulation
Hot Tub Filtration
Spa Controls, Remotes, Buttons
Spa Functions Are Verified
Jets and Bearings
Equipment Pack
Circuit Board
Diverter Knobs and Gate Valves
Spa Purged of Contaminants
Install New Ozone
Install New Filters
Cabinet Detailed

Current Used Hot Tub Inventory

Jacuzzi Spa 
6-8 Person Jacuzzi Premium J-355 Model 2004 hot tub with great back chairs and strong foot jets. Synthetic low maintenance cabinet.  New arrival. 2 jet pumps.

83" x 90" x 38" 400 gallons

Sundance Spa 
3 Person Sundance Spa for three persons. Capri hot tub has great therapy for it's small size. Good for patios.  One strong jet pump for great price.

80" x 66" x 30"
250 gallons

Sundance Spa  SOLD
Sundance Spa 880 series Optima. 6 to 8 persons, 2005 model. 2 powerful whirlpool jets and stereo. Great Foot Jets and Waterfall. Synthetic Cabinet.

89" x 89" x 38". 425 gallons

Sundance Spa 
Sundance Spa 880 series 6 person 2002 hot tub. Bluegrass, Sierra texture. Awesome Accusage Full Back Chair.  Nice rectangular shape and low maintenance synthetic cabinet. Cherry condition.

86" x 81" x36",
365 gallons



Dynasty Spa 
Dynasty Spa Paramount Deluxe model with Cinema Series Entertainment System. 3 jet pumps. TV/AM/FM/CD/DVD
Seats 6 adults with lounger. 54 stainless steel jets.

92" x 92" x 36" 425 gallons

Sundance Spa 
Sundance Spa 680 series Tacoma with ClearRay  UV Sanitizer 2 person 2013 model. Hot Tub with lounger. 110v or 220v electrical power option. Great for small patio and 2-3 persons.

Walnut cabinet and oyster (silver) acrylic shell


Picture coming soon. Beachcomber Spa Seats 6-8. 89"x 89" x 38.25" Textured.    

Hot Springs
Hot Springs vintage hot tub. A great for backyard hot pool. Seats 5-6. 82"x 83.5" x 31.5"

Hot Springs Spa  SOLD
3 to 4 person tub designed for 110v or 220v electrical service.

Used Tubs By Request
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Coleman Spa
Coleman Spa 5 person with lounge. Great for backyard fun fun. Tuscan Sun shell. 
88" x 88" x 38"

Call Carefree Spas at 303.321.9600 for details. Used Spa inventory changes often.
Don't be fooled by leaking used hot tubs with broken plumbing, heaters and spa shells sold on Craigslist. People with foreclosures, or non-reputable spa dealers are desperate to sell you their broken hot tub, rather than haul it to the dump.  In 38 years in business, we have heard many stories about these leaking hot tubs spas. Most of these horror stories are about hot tubs that were not properly winterized and have suffered extensive freeze damage where the frozen pipes and equipment is extensive. CAUTION: A spa hot tub may look great on the outside but it is not functional on the inside and will cost thousands of dollars in repairs and parts get the hot tub operational.  Hot Tub leak repairs alone are costly repairs.

Also, many hot tubs break when moved from one location to another, if not handled by professionals. Carefree Spas has sold and serviced hot tubs in the Denver, Colorado metro area since 1976.  We are familiar with the parts and the repairs needed.

Carefree Spas used tub inventory often includes top hot tub brands, all trademarked, such as Sundance Spas, Jacuzzi, Cal Spas, Artesian Spas, Coast Spas, Hot Springs Spas, Tiger River, Catalina Spas, Coleman Spas, Master Spas, Swim Spas, Marquis Spas, LA Spas, Dynasty Spas, Beachcomber Spas, Caldera Spas, Dimension One Spas, Oasis Hot Tubs, Gulf Coast Spas and Arctic Spas, Advanced Spas, Premium Leisure and more. Used hot tub, hot tubs used, hot tub used, hottub used, pre owned hot tub, used spas and hot tubs, Denver used spas, used hot tubs for sale, hot tubs used for sale, used hot tub.