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A Spa for Everyone

Luxury at the Right Price 

Located in a state-of-the-art facility in St.Jerome, Quebec, InnovaSpa was created to continue, expand and improve this program and to add design innovation to the spa industry. Today, InnovaSpas are #1 because their quality, smart engineering and common sense features make the Urbania your best spa value. InnovaSpa is also an avid supporter of the fight against breast cancer. We are proud of our ongoing contributions and we invite you to inquire about our "Go Pink" program.

The URbania 

Size:                             81" x 71" x 35"

Approximate dry weight           300 lbs

Water capacity            275 US Gallons

Approximate full weight2,600 lbs

Jets:                        16 Stainless Steel 

WaterfallCascade                         LED

UV Ready to install        (not included)

StructureRotomolded polyethylene

Pump                            2HP 2 speeds

Cover -                    3/2 VinylStandard

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