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Hot Tub Moving, Delivery and Installation Services


Standard hot tub or swim spa delivery to your final hot tub location either requires a three to five man moving crew and/or a crane.  The hot tub needs to placed upon a solid level base such as concrete.  The complexity of the hot tub delivery It is all about the access, where the deck or patio is, clearance through a side gate or roof eaves, walkways, utility pedestals, meters, air conditioning unit, tree limbs and other possible obstructions. Will the hot tub pass through outer doorways and frames, interior doors, stairwells or exterior gates?  Final hot tub placement on a decks, concrete or brick patios, are the most common surfaces.  DO NOT place your hot tub on pea gravel, grass or bare dirt because this will invalidate your structural or shell warranty. If you place your hot tub on a wooden deck, be sure to engineer for its weight (filled with water) and the weight bearing capacity of your deck.  Patio or sunrooms rooms and porches must also be checked for adequate floor support.

3 to 4 man crew delivery metro Denver

Standard spa delivery for hot tub spas 7' x 7' or 8' x 8' x 36" to 40" tall is only $550 which includes a white glove delivery to your final location, spa start up including a hot tub care and operation class.  If your delivery area is outside of Metro Denver we quote by the freight mile in addition to the base hot tub delivery rate.

crane delivery metro Denver

Your hot tub delivery might require a crane.  If you have a second story deck, two or three levels or a roof installation, we work with top local crane companies. A typical Denver Metro and front range hot tub crane delivery is in the range of $400 - $700, which is dependent on the size of the crane that is needed.  We look at every option to determine if the hot tub needs a crane or can be delivered by crew.  Our goal is for the hot tub to be delivered safely and economically.

in-store pickup

Carefree Spas in-store pickup is free of charge.  Choose in-store pick up when you place your order.   When it is ready, we will confirm your order and contact you that is ready for pickup.  Come during our store hours and show your valid ID and we will load your trailer.

curbside delivery

Your hot tub will be delivered by common carrier or freight truck to your curbside in front of your home or driveway. Your hot tub will ship in 15 business days and usually arrives within 10 business days after it ships.  An independent delivery carrier will unload the hot tub from the truck, but is NOT authorized to unwrap, set up, or do installation. The driver will not move your hot tub to your final indoor or outdoor location.  Customers select this option when they want to save the labor fees and have lots of strong friends to help out.


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