Why Carefree Spas?

Hot Tub Dreams

Buying a hot tub or swim spa is a life changing decision. A new hot tub means freeing you from the the clutches of chronic pain, the hum-drum of modern life, and presets a unique and invigorating oasis at home. It shouldn't be a casual affair, nor should the company you buy from. Carefree Spas has served the front range of Colorado for over 40 years with over 30,000 hot tubs and swim spas installed. We are the "Home Relaxation Consultants" that take the stress, not only out of the buying process , but out of home care for the life of your hot tub. We truly believe that no sale is complete until the buyer is happy and using their spa. We are a small, family-owned business that pays it's employees top wages. We have transparent prices, service with smile, and no hidden doors; our only goal is to ensure that your hot tub experience is everything that it should be and more.

As far as the hot tub industry goes, out of over 100 manufacturers, no one is out to make a bad product. Yes, there are design features which make some tubs easier to maintain, such as bigger filters, UV and ozone systems. Some spas have bigger pumps, bigger waterfalls, salt systems, more jets, bigger jets, but when it comes down to it, the most important aspect of your purchase is who you are buying your hot tub or swim spa from.

Moreover, don't let the wolves eat you up, they are out there. If you are looking at a tub and the sales person starts dropping the price like hot potato, something is probably up. This is the tried and true tactic used at shows as a way to tie buyers down in an impulsive decision. A lot of these dealers don't want the prospective owner to look further at their business, because at the local level, more often than not, their presence is non-existent. Look at the business's google reviews. Ask about dealer support after the sale. Ask about the warranty and who does the work. These are all questions that should be asked before any sale is finalized of a big ticket item that can breakdown.

When you buy a hot tub, your life will change, so sleep on it for a few days. Make sure you are willing to make the comitment, because with a educated purchase you will truley reap the rewards for years to come.