Back in the 80s and early 90s, when swim spas first came to market, they were ultra heavy, were made from fiberglass and gel coat materials like boats, hard to manipulate and move, difficult to maintain, and never really lived up to their concept. In these early swim spa you could not swim or workout in one, and the ones that you could swim in were over $40,000 such as an Endless Pool®

This was a time in swim spa history where it was more cost effective to dig up the backyard and install a fiberglass swimming pool instead of install a self contained swim spa (XL hot tub with a few jets) or a true fitness pool.

Fast forward to 2019, most hot tub manufacturers now build swim spas with improved insulation, filtration, sanitization systems, strong acrylic shells, deep tissue hydrotherapy jets, swim resistance jets, water depth deeper than 48”, and high-tech pump technology such as variable speed pumps (which creates a variable speed swim zone) to customize each user’s workout and horsepower. Swim spas are becoming more affordable and more popular than ever before.

Why get a swim spa? Here is a list of all the benefits, including health, relaxation, swim lessons and family entertainment and hydrotherapy that a swim spa can provide to the end user.

7 Reasons to Get a Swim Spa

Less Expensive Than an In-ground Pool

Many clients contact carefreespas.com about swim spas because they don’t want to fork out the $70,0