Back in the 80s and early 90s, when swim spas first came to market, they were ultra heavy, were made from fiberglass and gel coat materials like boats, hard to manipulate and move, difficult to maintain, and never really lived up to their concept. In these early swim spa you could not swim or workout in one, and the ones that you could swim in were over $40,000 such as an Endless Pool®

This was a time in swim spa history where it was more cost effective to dig up the backyard and install a fiberglass swimming pool instead of install a self contained swim spa (XL hot tub with a few jets) or a true fitness pool.

Fast forward to 2019, most hot tub manufacturers now build swim spas with improved insulation, filtration, sanitization systems, strong acrylic shells, deep tissue hydrotherapy jets, swim resistance jets, water depth deeper than 48”, and high-tech pump technology such as variable speed pumps (which creates a variable speed swim zone) to customize each user’s workout and horsepower. Swim spas are becoming more affordable and more popular than ever before.

Why get a swim spa? Here is a list of all the benefits, including health, relaxation, swim lessons and family entertainment and hydrotherapy that a swim spa can provide to the end user.

7 Reasons to Get a Swim Spa

Less Expensive Than an In-ground Pool

Many clients contact carefreespas.com about swim spas because they don’t want to fork out the $70,000+ required to build a backyard swimming pool, but yet want all the benefits of a pool. With a price tag starting at $12,000, swim spas are much more affordable than the construction of an in ground swimming pool. A quality swim spa ranges from $12,000 to $35,000 before options. Many use a swim spa as a centerpiece to renovate, revitalize, and rejuvenate in the privacy of their backyard without the expense of a swimming pool.

More Durable than a Vinyl Pool

Vinyl pools can be truly be a blast, but unfortunately in Colorado, and in most states they do not withstand the test of time. Often times they develop leaks than can be hard to detect or fix which means not a great return on investment and expensive to maintain. Swim Spas offer a more permanent advantage with all the fun of a vinyl pool. Swim Spas have better filtration, meaning fresher, cleaner water.

Open Year-Round with Max Energy Efficiency

With a beefy winter covers (R=39) and a temperature range of 80-104 degrees F, a top benefit of a swim spa, is that you never have to close them down after pool season or winterize them. Because they are self-contained and super insulated, swim spas can offer fun and relaxation for all seasons. No re-opening at the beginning of summer. Most swim spa owners turn the heat down in the summertime and then turn up the heat in the winter to be as toasty warm as a hot tub. Swim spa 5.5kw heaters are significantly more energy efficiency than pool heaters.

Teach The Kids to Swim

Family connection time these days is scarce, so a Swim Spa is a perfect way to unplug from technology and to play, swim and exercise the old fashioned way. Swim Spas are deep enough but not too deep, with a 4 foot to 5 foot water depth, a backyard swim spa is a great venue for teaching kids to swim. Swim Spas are a sanitary retreat from public pools that are chalk full of people, bad bacteria, dangerous pathogens and an overdose of harsh chemicals.

Water Resistance Exercises and Physical Therapy

Low impact and available to all fitness levels, you can walk, swim, row, bike and use resistance bands to burn calories and improve your fitness level. In addition to swimming, many Carefree Spas Swim Spa customers do yoga, resistance bands, rowing, water aerobics and other beneficial workouts and stretches in their swim spa. Many of our clients used to go to and pay for physical therapy where they simply moved around in water, but with a backyard or indoor swim spa, all of this can be done in the privacy of their own home.

Massage and Hydrotherapy

Unlike regular pools, most swim spas are outfitted with powerful hydrotherapy jets and strong swim jets that can relieve the tightest muscles and sorest backs. Who doesn’t love to get a massage before, during or after a workout?

Less Chemicals Than a Pool

Swim Spas utilize Ozone, UV/Ozone sanitization or a Salt System, which enables you to significantly reduce the amount of chemicals you have to add to your pool water up to 40%. This feature saves your skin, your hair and your money. In addition, because Swim Spas are only exposed to the sunlight when you are in them, you do not add chlorine stabilizing chemicals like cyanuric acid.

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